Ideeuropee is an agency that will make your communication unique.

We serve businesses, authorities and institutions, sportspeople and managers.

Ideeuropee was created by Piergiorgio Paladin and Andrea Vidotti.
Established in 2001 with a focus on our shared passion for sports and communication, Ideeuropee has since evolved in the services it provides and in its areas of interest: we now have two offices (in Treviso and Milan); a staff of 8 professionals with different skills; a range of services that are always abreast with industry trends; a series of collaborations with external companies that allow us to tackle even the most complex challenges. What has remained unchanged is our love of communication and an unbridled enthusiasm for our work.

Piergiorgio Paladin


A political science graduate and freelance journalist, he was raised on media. He is the creative mind of the agency, a creativity which he puts into practice in the various services we offer. He is head of our Digital Action division and is always ready to be inspired by new communication trends.

Nelly Marsura


Senior Account

Sara Polo


Event Manager

Laura Scarpa


Press Officer

Chiara Bagnoli


Digital Strategist

Lia Caporin


Event Planner

Andrea Vidotti


An economics and business graduate, and also a FIGC (Italian Football Federation) agent, he is an excellent teacher of image management for sportspeople. With his expertise in relationships and contact building he is highly skilled at networking. He is head of our sports management division and one of the Italian points of reference for skiing.

Chiara Carestiato


Administrative Manager