Knowing how to juggle between the communication tools available is not so simple. It requires mental flexibility, always being ahead of the game, planning ahead. Each situation has to be adapted to media which speak different languages. To be effective requires knowing how to find the right way to send messages and understanding the end user: fast information in social […]


Before taking action it is important to have a complete picture of the project and to understand its intended goals. We can’t be “experts at everything”, but thanks to the involvement of external professionals, we are able to deal with complex challenges that go beyond the levels of our own expertise and explore the field of communication more deeply. We […]

INITIATIVE (relationships)

Our agency is made up of people: each of us invests half of their time cultivating relationships or creating new ones. This applies to all the figures with whom we interact: from journalists to clients, from suppliers to opinion leaders, from institutions to talents. Over time we have created a network of lasting relationships, based on mutual esteem and respect, […]


We are flooded with information, images, videos. In this whirlwind of messages those that make the greatest impact are those that affect us deeply: creativity is the trump card. Reading is important, experience is important, being constantly up to date is important too, but as for creative flair – you either have it or you don’t. We have established ourselves […]




Online and offline communication run parallel to each other, so thinking and acting in a single direction is a serious mistake: management should be coordinated for the best results. It is important to choose a path and pursue it with consistency and conviction: from logo design to the language used in social media, from press presentations to apps, brand identity […]


Timing, methods, language, and actions. The web and social media have specific identities that are complementary to each other. Social networks are a tool “for everyone” but at the same time can be difficult to manage: immediacy, spontaneity and brilliance are a winning formula. Behind every action there must be a plan: and this is precisely the job of the […]


Sport is part of our DNA, and we are passionately committed to sporting activities. We have worked alongside clubs and athletes for many years, promoting their public image and managing relationships with sponsors and the press: from skiing, where we are a point of reference in Italy, to basketball, from football to athletics. Our champions give their all in competition, […]


Promoting the image of a public figure is a very sensitive issue. Every step must be studied, evaluated and implemented with a strategic vision. In our portfolio you will find election campaigns, as well as day-to-day advice for administrative roles and figures working for associations: it is like playing a game of chess, it takes patience, foresight and experience, but […]


The potential for the dissemination and sharing of an event is unleashed thanks to new technologies. We run live streaming, webinars, live social media events, aggregators, and we use platforms that maximize interaction during events. We engage users and make them protagonists, allowing them to comment live on presentations, share slides via social media, and participate in surveys.


The project idea comes first, the result of the synthesis of the information provided to us: what you wish to communicate through the event and your target audience. Then comes the choice of location, the catering, the right musical accompaniment or testimonial, the guest speaker or the service; logistics coordination; communication of the initiative. Great care is taken over every […]


We “pro-actively” manage press offices, focusing on both the client and the press, with the aim of satisfying their mutual needs. The client seeks media attention, the press needs editorial content: we encourage both, communicating with the two different worlds and bringing them closer together. Our “secret” ingredients are experience, knowledge of print media, direct relationships with journalists, and the […]