Corporate social responsibility

In the rather ethereal world of communication, at Ideeuropee we pay great attention to people and tangible things.

Apart from our two founders – the only men in the team – our company is run by women. Some of them have grown and matured in the company. Almost all of them have formed a family during their time here. All of them are at the heart of a business that works because it makes them feel involved, and strives to provide the flexibility and support they need as women, mothers and workers. We think that people work at their best when they feel fulfilled, especially in their private lives. If, in some small way, we manage to facilitate this, we have achieved a great result.

We are embedded in a territory of many beautiful entrepreneurial, social and institutional realities, and we like to make ourselves as useful as we can. Over the years, we have taken part in various charitable activities, but above all we have been supporting the cause of AIPD. It is a beautiful reality that promotes the autonomy of people with Down’s syndrome, and it is led by a group of special volunteers with many innovative ideas, just like ours. We stand by their side as much as we can, because we chose to do something we are not ashamed of: immerging ourselves in the genuine humanity that only people with Down’s syndrome are able to share.

We also love sports. For real. Besides the many professional partnerships we have built, we believe in two activities that have a significant impact on the territory.

Piergiorgio is a member of the Board of Directors in UniVerso Treviso, the consortium of companies that revived basketball in Treviso, keeping alive the dream of young and old fans of this sport.

Andrea is the President of Treviso Panathlon. The breath of fresh air and change he has brought is producing excellent results.

When operating in the diverse world of communication, we stick to a corporate ethical code that respects the professionality of every single person we engage with. Everybody’s work is fundamental and should be fairly rewarded, without profiting from advantageous positions. That’s why we have been carrying out an awareness campaign to convince our customers not to use photos of entire articles taken from the press: we promote the protection of journalists’ and publishers’ intellectual work.